Bayley Says She Is Sick Of Charlotte And Becky Lynch

Bayley Says She Is Sick Of Charlotte And Becky Lynch
Bayley spoke to Kayla Braxton after being attacked by Charlotte Flair during last night's match with RAW & SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch. Bayley says she came to SmackDown for a fresh start and she will win the briefcase at Money In the Bank.

"I'm so sick of everything being about Charlotte and Becky. And I respect both of them, we've been through so much together but when I was on RAW all I saw on Tuesday nights was Becky and Charlotte, and on RAW, and at WrestleMania. This is not about Becky, it's not about Charlotte. I came to SmackDown Live for a fresh start and to become the champion I've always known I can be, and to show the whole world that I'm the best and I'm going to climb that ladder at Money In the Bank, and I'm going to grab that contract, and I'm going to cash in to become the RAW or SmackDown Live Women's Champion, and there's nothing that Becky or Charlotte or anybody on the SmackDown Live roster, or anybody else in that match can do about it," Bayley said.


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