Mickie James Says She’s Coming For 24/7 Title, Becky Lynch Introduces ‘Becky Redbelt’

Mickie James Says She’s Coming For 24/7 Title, Becky Lynch Introduces ‘Becky Redbelt’
- Becky Lynch may no longer hold two titles putting the “Becky 2Belts” moniker on sabbatical, but “The Man” is never short on nicknames, for her opponents or herself.

Lynch was quick on the rebound as she found the perfect replacement name for being the sole owner of the RAW Women’s Championship: “Becky Redbelt.”

Sour grapes may be showing up from one of her Money In The Bank opponents in Lacey Evans who lost her shot at said belt via submission. Evans responded to Becky’s swagger, citing her to be a cheap imitation of fellow Irishman, Conor McGregor.

Lynch: Imagine how elevated you are when people think it’s mocking to bring up the fact that you’ve only one title. #beckyredbelt

Evans: Bless her heart.

We’re mocking the big mouth that was strutting around saying SHE was gonna retain BOTH.

Conor McGregor called…..he wants his gimmick back. You’re embarrassing him. #Becky1Belt #BeckyNoBalls #BeckyFailed #NothingButANasty

Lynch: The dope who shoots literal money-guns on TV, but solicits fans for $20 video messages in her hotel room is calling me a “gimmick.”

Evans: Oooo you been waiting on this one huh.

- New 24/7 Champion R-Truth says he’s taking his title to SmackDown, and he already has a number of challengers waiting in the wings.

Mickie James posted the following rhyme for Truth, saying she’s taking his title, but he can keep the song for a future remix if he wants:

Truthie!!! 1… 2… #TheMilf is coming for you… 3… 4… yo a$$ is gonna be sore… 5… 6… gonna kick you in the…. stick… 7… 8… ain’t I great… 9… 10 Imma be a champ again! #247milf ps… you can keep that lil ditty in your back pocket for a remix if ya like


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