Renee Young and Natalya in Trouble After Double or Nothing?

Renee Young and Natalya in Trouble After Double or Nothing?
AEW Double Or Nothing was a show filled with some big surprises.

Jon Moxley made it known which side he picked when he showed up and Bret Hart might have done the same as he appeared to reveal the new All Elite World Title. This could present a problem for people close to them who are still employed by WWE.

Dave Meltzer discussed the possibility of WWE taking their frustrations out on their own Superstars. This idea came up during Wrestling Observer Radio because there were a couple of people who showed up at Double Or Nothing that have family members who still work for Vince McMahon’s company.
“What are they gonna do? They can’t say anything. They can’t touch Renee Young. If they do anything to Natalya, I know it’s possible, but if they do anything to Natalya people will react bad because it’s not like it’s The Revival who it’s actually them and people get that they’re trying to get [out]… Natalya didn’t do anything.”

“So if they try to get back at her because of what Bret did I just think that’s gonna… I’m not saying they won’t do it, but I’m thinking they may… I’m sure there’s a part of them that will and then I don’t want to make predictions, but if they are thinking and not reacting they would think ‘If we do this it would only make it worse because everyone’s gonna see through it and we’re gonna look like the bad guys.”

“It’s not like Natalya did anything and she didn’t tweet it’s not like one of those people who tweeted.”


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