Sasha Banks Responds To Fan Tweet On Her WWE Status

Sasha Banks Responds To Fan Tweet On Her WWE Status
Sasha Banks took to Twitter this week and responded to a fan who said she quot.

The fan wrote, "I unfortunately side with @wwe in the case of @SashaBanksWWE. Quitting because you don't want to lose is extremely selfish. As a 4 time women's champion and first women's tag team champion alot of women put you over for you to walk out like this!!! #ungrateful"

Sasha responded and wrote, "Who said that?"

The fan then said, "The internet... If it's not true you gotta let us know!!! The company legit needs you. You see what's happening to ratings since you left TV!!!"

Banks then mocked the internet, as you can see below.

Banks' WWE status has been up in the air since WrestleMania 35 after it was reported that she tried to quit the company due to being unhappy with WWE's decision to put the WWE Women's Tag Team Titles on The IIconics as she and Bayley figured they would get a lengthy run to give the titles credibility. There have been rumors of Banks sitting out the rest of her contract. Talks between WWE and Banks have been at a stalemate.


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