WWE Reportedly Considering Big Change For Becky Lynch

WWE Reportedly Considering Big Change For Becky Lynch
After capturing both the Raw and SmackDown Women’s Titles at WrestleMania, Becky Lynch will have double the title defenses at Money In The Bank.

The Man will defend her red team title against Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair will get another opportunity at the SmackDown Women’s Title. Now it looks like Vince McMahon could be considering another shocking moment.

Brad Shepard reports on Oh, You Didn’t Know that Vince McMahon is thinking about giving Lacey Evans a huge win on May 19th that could shock the WWE Universe.

“I was told WWE is strongly considering having Lacey Evans defeat Becky Lynch at Money In The Bank. Vince McMahon is very high on Evans and thinks it would be a ‘shocking moment’ if she won.”

Vince McMahon has been very high on Lacey Evans since before she was called up. She has even been compared to Roman Reigns in regards to where McMahon sees her in the company as a top Superstar.

Shepard added that his source in WWE relayed to him the idea that the company believes that Becky Lynch could already be wearing out her welcome on the top of the card.

“According to a source in WWE they believe the company is ‘wearing the Becky Lynch thing out.’ They believe that two matches at Money In The Bank will be the first cracks in the Becky Lynch armor so to speak and they believe the crowd would pop if Lacey Evans won. So it’s very interesting to get a perspective of somebody in WWE as to how they feel the Becky Lynch thing is continuing to play out.”


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