Io Shirai on Moving From Tokyo To Orlando

Io Shirai on Moving From Tokyo To Orlando
The cultural differences between Japan and the United States are immense, and for someone used to living in Japan, it could be a real shock moving. That’s what WWE superstar Io Shirai detailed in her latest blog entry, where she talked about making the move from Tokyo to Orlando.

In the blog entry (which is translated via Google translate), Shirai talks about how her life in Orlando isn’t particularly exciting. She notes that while living in Orlando is nice, there are more “entertainment” options in Japan, including karaoke, bowling, and other arcades.

Likewise, the ability to eat sushi – or fresh seafood in general – is much scarcer in Orlando, and it’s way more expensive to eat this type of food in Orlando. Shirai seems that she’s still enjoying her time in the states, and as she continues to develop into one of better WWE stars, she’ll have some time to adjust to the States.


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