Maria Kanellis Claims She's Pregnant During Match on RAW

Maria Kanellis Claims She's Pregnant During Match on RAW
As seen below, Maria Knaellis first appeared on tonight's RAW by interrupting a backstage segment with Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins. Maria took offense to Rollins and Lynch being called WWE's first couple, and introduced husband Mike to take a shot at Rollins. Maria would then refer to Mike as "my bitch" and challenge the WWE power couple to a mixed tag team match.

That mixed tag team match saw Maria announce that she was pregnant before she was forced to tag in and compete. She insulted husband Mike several times on the mic, saying she should've known he couldn't mop the floor with Rollins because he can't even mop the floor at home, and saying she knew he wasn't man enough to get her pregnant. Maria then said the only man in the arena tonight was The Man, Lynch, and maybe she should get Becky to impregnate her next time. The match then ended with Lynch forcing Mike to tap out. Maria insulted Mike after the match and left him alone in the ring after saying she can't believe he is the father to her children.

There's no word yet on if Maria really is pregnant with their second child, but we will keep you updated. Mike and Maria have both been quiet on Twitter after the angle, which is rare for them. There's also no word yet on what this RAW appearance means for Mike and Maria after they did the apparent walk-out angle on last Tuesday's WWE 205 Live episode.

Mike and Maria both recently signed new five-year deals with WWE.


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