Maria Kanellis Comments on Fake News About Her

Maria Kanellis Goes Ballistic on Fake News About Her
Maria Kanellis recently went off on Twitter about some reports that she didn’t like.

Apparently, Kanellis is claiming to have dirt in her inbox about some pro wrestling journalists as she threatened to send out pictures of her inbox as well.

"I’m starting to wonder when the Wrestling “News” sites are gonna realize they are getting played by sources desperate for attention. Attacking a pregnant women with false accusations could get you fired in another profession. Be professional. Do the research. Don’t become puppets.”

“Furthermore, some of these “reporters” used to beg me for interviews when I was on the indys. You want me to start taking photos of your emails and sending them out? I don’t think so. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Because I certainly am enjoying all of you looking like fools.”

“That’s all I want to say on that. I’d rather do my job, enjoy my daughter, and rest for my pregnancy.”

For what it’s worth, Maria Kanellis did reply back to a fan asking if she plans on coming back to WWE after the birth of her second child.


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