Melina On Getting Emotional Backstage Today (Video)

Melina On Getting Emotional Backstage Today (Video)
Below is video of Sarah Schreiber speaking with Melina backstage at the Amalie Arena before tonight's WWE RAW Reunion special. Schreiber asked how it felt to be back.

"It's just great to be back," Melina said. "I started crying all day. I keep putting makeup back on because I keep crying. Everybody's just... it's good to see everybody. This is family, this is home. So, it's been so wonderful. I'm just so happy, I'm happy to be here."

The three-time WWE Women's Champion and two-time WWE Divas Champion was also asked what she thought of the new generation of female Superstars.

"It's so great to see them, it's great to actually see their personalities because I only see what I see on TV and what the fans tell me. And I see this and I see their personality outside the ring, and it's just beautiful to see how genuine they are, and what great human beings they are."

Melina was asked what we can expect to see from her on RAW tonight but she said she likes to keep things a surprise.


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