New WWE SmackDown Storyline For Liv Morgan

New WWE SmackDown Storyline For Liv Morgan
WWE began a new storyline with Liv Morgan on this week's SmackDown episode. It was believed that Liv would receive more TV time after she was mentioned in last week's anti-Shane McMahon promo from Kevin Owens. Tonight's SmackDown saw Liv speak up during Shane's Town Hall meeting, leading to a singles match with Charlotte Flair.

Liv controlled most of the match and almost put Flair away, but Flair ended up winning by submission. Liv got emotional after the loss, snatched the headset from Corey Graves and then made a cryptic comment on her future. She referred to the earlier insults from Flair and said, "Charlotte was right and when I come back I'm going to be real!"

Liv, who is still trending on Twitter due to the SmackDown appearance, has not commented on the storyline but she did make a post-match tweet that just included a hashtag and two emoji, as seen below:


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