Tessa Blanchard Reflects on Her Match at Slammiversary XVII, Says She Didn't Know She Was in The Main Event

Tessa Blanchard Reflects on Her Match at Slammiversary
Tessa Blanchard joined Busted Open Radio to reflect on the intergender match she had with Sami Callihan at Slammiversary XVII and said that she did not know she was closing the show until the day of.

“Oh, I loved Slammiversary. It was just… it was a really neat thing. I didn’t expect to be in the main event. I didn’t know that they were gonna change everything and put us in the main event. So that was really, really cool for me. A girl has never done that in IMPACT yet so, that was really neat. Its been a important thing for me this year -- I really wanna make history in my own way so it’s like a little baby step towards doing that I feel like.”

Bully Ray asked Tessa if she was concerned about stepping into the ring with Callihan considering that Callihan can be an aggressive wrestler. Blanchard stated that she was not nervous because she wrestles men consistently and added that she is aggressive as well in her own way.

“You know, someone asked me that before but, I don’t think I was really because, I’m used to being in there with the guys and I know that Sami’s aggressive and now I know better than anyone that Sami is so aggressive. He’s one of the most aggressive people I’ve ever been in the ring with but, I feel like I’m confident enough in myself to get in there and hold my own because I can be just as aggressive, in my own way.”


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