Zelina Vega On The Biggest Lesson She Learned In WWE, If She Thought She Would Ever Be In WWE

Zelina Vega On The Biggest Lesson She Learned In WWE, If She Thought She Would Ever Be In WWE
Five years after taking part in a WWE tryout, Zelina Vega finally made her way to the main roster in 2018. She spent less than one year in NXT and she quickly learned that the WWE main roster is completely different than the developmental brand.

Vega revealed the biggest lesson she learned in WWE when she joined the Busted Open Podcast.

"I have to say that the biggest lesson I have learned is to find your way to stand out. Whatever it is that you do, dial it up to a 10 because for me people won't necessarily think I am the best wrestler in the world, but I can do what others can't," stated Vega. "As soon as I get on the mic that's something you can't really match with me, so whenever I accompany Andrade to the ring I make sure that no matter what it was I was doing, I make sure that I was a part of it and to make sure that the moment you will remember when Zelina does a crazy thing. Finding whatever it is that you do and dial it up to a 10."

In between her WWE tryout in 2013 and joining NXT in 2017, Vega competed on the indie scene and was just waiting for WWE to reciprocate her interest. After rejection after rejection, she admitted that she thought she would never be in WWE.

"Absolutely. Actually, a few years ago I texted Dwayne Johnson and I had gotten another 'no' from the WWE and I had gotten another 'no' from an audition when I was auditioning for Spider-Man and had gotten a 'no' there," said Vega. "So, I was at the end of my rope there and said that I think I was just going to give up and whether he can give me some advice. I was at the end of the rope and told him that I was thinking about just quitting wrestling, he was like, no, give me a couple of days I am working on something, and then the movie [Fighting With My Family] happened and then after that, it was full speed ahead. It was pretty incredible."

Vega portrayed AJ Lee in the movie which was produced by WWE Studios and began filming in early 2017. By mid-2017 Vega had signed on with WWE where she reported to the Performance Center and the rest is history.


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