Backstage News on Sasha Banks’ RAW Promo

Backstage News on Sasha Banks’ RAW Promo
Wade Keller of The Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that Sasha Banks had a very knowledgeable voice when it came to what she said in her opening promo last night on WWE RAW.

According to Keller’s sources, he heard that it was Paul Heyman who wrote Banks’ promo. The RAW Creative Director has reportedly been very involved in how “The Boss” is going to be presented and it’s apparent that taking Sasha down the route of owning up to the reports of her antics backstage and manipulating them into a storyline to further her heel side was something Heyman wanted to embrace.

Sasha was a heavy presence on last night’s episode as Banks later defeated Natalya in one of the main events after what was a back and forth match. Natalya started off with the upperhand early on and even locked in the Sharpshooter at one point, but Banks became the real focus. Sasha slipped out of Sharpshooter peril and locked in the Bank Statement for the tap-out win. Then afterwards, Banks furthered her sadistic heelish side by attacking Natalya once more before applying the Bank Statement yet again.



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