Kayla Braxton Quits Twitter After Implying Fans Shouldn't Insult The Company

Kayla Braxton Quits Twitter After Implying Fans Shouldn't Insult The Company
WWE Announcer Kayla Braxton is taking a break from Twitter after she sent out a few tweets that implied that WWE fans need to stop insulting the company.

In her first tweet, Braxton wrote, "Ever start a movie and quickly realize how bad it is, but finish it anyway? I just did that. But here's what I won't do - call the movie out cuz I'd hate to insult people on something they created when I have zero knowledge or skill on movie making. Some of you should take a note."

Some of her replies that she got were, "The Brax is taking lowkey shots," "Anti-critic artists are usually just bad artists," "Her and Renee Young always talk about people telling them that they suck at their jobs, so she's basically saying iif you don't do this job don't tell me how to do it' with her movie analogy," "Lol take that all you smart marks and YouTube wrestling writers lol," and "Is something in the water in WWE catering?"

Braxton's second tweet was about how it's appalling how people can be mean to people they don't even know. She also agreed with someone who wrote, "People need to understand freedom of speech is not a license to be a hateful a--hole." She replied, "Exactly. You can state your opinion without the intent to hurt someone. People don't seem to understand that."

Around an hour after her first tweet, she wrote, "Oy vey. I think it's time I take a much needed break from Twitter. A lot of you are great. But a lot of you are disappointing. And I don't need or want the negativity that some of you enjoy tossing around. Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back for SummerSlam."

It was just last week when Renee Young fired back at critics who were critiquing her on her commentating. That same week, AEW Chief Brand Officer Brandy Rhodes also went on social media to speak about how social media is just filled with hate and that she was receiving death threats.


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