Steve Austin Says Becky Lynch May Be Having The Best Premiere Run Of Any Woman In Wrestling History

Steve Austin Says Becky Lynch May Be Having The Best Premiere Run Of Any Woman In Wrestling History
While speaking with Busted Open Radio, Stone Cold Steve Austin talked about Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch and how he thinks she is quite an inspiring individual.

"I had so much fun with Becky, because I've known her for awhile," Austin commented when asked what she was like when they were filming his new TV show. "I always knew that she was very confident and very goal-oriented. I really was blown away by how charismatic, articulate, and eloquent she is as a person, and as a human being. She really shined. Her episode is one of my absolute favorites.

"She looks like an all-star and comes across like an all-star because she is one. So, I learned a lot about her and I knew she was a class act to begin with, and I've been a fan, but she's lighting wrestling on fire and I'm so proud of her."

Austin noted that he knows that she's being compared to his character, as well as UFC fighter Conor McGregor's. However, he believes that she doesn't need to be compared to big names like that. Instead, she is making her character shine on her own, without any help from past or present gimmicks.

"That gimmick 'The Man,' a lot of people draw comparisons to 'Stone Cold' or Conor McGregor," Austin stated. "That's a whole different thing, and she's pulling it off flawlessly. I think she's had one of the best for the last 18 months – probably the most premiere run in the history of wrestling for female and a high-profile run regardless of male or female."

Austin, along with many WWE Hall of Fame alumni, made a special appearance two weeks ago to celebrate the Raw Reunion. At the end of the show, Austin toasted all his former co-workers with some ice cold beers. Co-host of Busted Open, Bully Ray, asked why Lynch wasn't out there drinking a cold one with him.

"I don't know that she really needs my anointing or does that-would that- passing of the torch, because she is kind of like 'Hey, you are like me," Austin answered.

When asked if it would've been detrimental if she was in the ring with him, Austin stated that he felt that she has her own thing going and doesn't need his endorsement.

"I think she has her own thing going. Like the Mitch Hedberg thing," Austin clarifies. "He says, 'I got my own thing going.' I think she's got her own thing going. I just don't think she needed my endorsement. Maybe somewhere down the road if there's an organic storyline that would come up, and maybe she needs some help or something like that. But I think she stands on her own pretty damn well."


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