Bayley & Sasha Banks Brutally Assault Charlotte Flair

Bayley & Sasha Banks Brutally Assault Charlotte Flair
Tonight’s episode of SmackDown saw Bayley and Sasha Banks taking down Charlotte Flair in a brutal assault. But before the assault, Bayley had something to say.

Bayley says she doesn't get it. She says this is confusing. Everybody has something to say about what went down last night. They didn't see it coming. What didn't you see coming? Her friendship with Sasha? Her sense of responsibility to the one person who had her back and has been through every struggle and triumph on the road to being champion? Sasha is her best friend. Bayley says she is trying to show you what type of champion she is, but with this division. She is trying to pick everyone up. Think about the kids.

Ever since she started doing all of this, she is trying to make you feel the way she felt as a kid. When she was a fan. She is in this ring as the hero and role model. She is trying to show your kids what it is like to be loyal. That is why she couldn't turn her back on Sasha when things got rough. Bayley says she is doing everything she can to put this title and division on the map. You deserve a champion with the same amount of attention as Becky Lynch. Bayley says she will be that champion for a long time. That will happen at Clash of Champions when she beats the most selfish person on the roster, Charlotte Flair.

Charlotte does not know what it is like to be a role model like her...

Charlotte Flair's music plays and she makes her way to the ring.

Charlotte is shocked to be called selfish. Charlotte says she is the queen of selfishness. You can say what you want about her and a lot of people say things about her. What you see is what you get. There is no confusion, there is no blindsiding, and there is no hugging. Charlotte tells Bayley to hug that title real tight because at Clash of Champions...

Sasha Banks' music plays and Charlotte with a forearm and boot to Bayley before Sasha makes her way to the ring. Charlotte then exchange punches and and hits Sasha with forearms. They brawl and Flair gets the upperhand. Flair mounts Banks and beats on her until Bayley comes back in with a steel chair. Bayley hits Flair with more chair shots as she yells out in pain. Fans boo. Bayley hands Banks the chair and she delivers a few to Flair while she's down. Bayley with more chair shots now. Fans chant "Becky!" as Banks and Bayley stand over Flair.



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