Every Women's Title Retained at Clash Of Champions, Becky Lynch Fined After Chair Shot To Referee

Every Women's Title Retained at Clash Of Champions, Becky Lynch Fined After Chair Shot To Referee
At WWE Clash of Champions, Bayley defended her WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair. Bayley cheated to retain the championship; she slammed Flair’s face into an exposed turnbuckle before pinning her.

Two of the Four Horsewomen squared off and renewed their rivalry in Flair’s hometown. The Queen rocked Bayley with a big boot right when the bell rang and dominated the match early on. Flair tossed Bayley into the barricade twice. Flair then targeted Bayley’s left leg. Bayley seized control when she slammed Flair’s face into an exposed turnbuckle. The champion then pinned Flair to win the title. Bayley ran to the backstage area after the bell rang.

Later in the night, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defended the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against Fire & Desire (Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville.) After a competitive match, Bliss and Cross won the match to retain the titles.

Bliss got in a lot of offense early on. During the match, WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth ran to the ring and Bliss nearly pinned him. Truth and his mob of challengers fled the scene and the distraction allowed the challengers to seize control. Rose and Deville isolated Bliss and dominated her. Bliss managed to tag Cross, who took control of the match. A diving crossbody on Deville got Cross a near fall. Bliss tagged in but Deville countered a double-team maneuver. Deville slammed Bliss off the top rope and tagged Rose. Rose floored Bliss with a running knee but Cross broke up the pin. Cross dodged a knee from Rose and planted her with a neckbreaker for the win.

The last match for the women's division saw Becky Lynch defended the RAW Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks. The competitive match turned into an unsanctioned brawl when Lynch was disqualified for hitting a referee with a chair. Due to the disqualification, Lynch retained the title.

During a competitive match, the challenger threw a chair into the ring and hit Lynch with another one. Banks then nearly pinned Lynch with a Shining Wizard. The referee stopped Banks from using the chair again but Lynch hit the referee with the chair. The champion then hit Banks with the chair and the match spilled into the crowd. Lynch chased Banks up the stairs and locker her in the Disarm-Her. The brawl briefly moved to the backstage area. The fight returned to the ringside area and Lynch hit repeatedly Banks with a chair. The champion slammed Banks face-first into a chair and locked in the Disarm-Her through a chair until referees pulled Lynch away. The announcer revealed that Lynch had been disqualified for hitting the referee with the chair.

WWE has announced a storyline fine of $10,000 to Becky Lynch. It will be interesting to see what WWE has planned next for Banks and Lynch on RAW. A Hell In a Cell match has been rumored, but not confirmed.

Below is WWE's storyline announcement on the fine to Lynch:
Becky Lynch fined for inadvertently striking a referee

Becky Lynch has been fined $10,000 for inadvertently striking a referee during her Raw Women's Championship Match against Sasha Banks.

The Man had intended to deliver the chair strike to The Boss but ended up hitting the referee instead. After the referee went down, the title match descended into chaos, as the two rivals took their brawl to the concourse.

Stay tuned to WWE digital platforms for any further updates.



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