Lana Talks Double Standards For Women In Business, Influencing People With Social Media, WWE Career

Lana Talks Double Standards For Women In Business, Influencing People With Social Media, WWE Career
Lana spoke to celebratehiltonhead for a Q&A. She was asked if she has ever felt like there is a double standard for women in business. Lana, who described herself as a big human rights activist, said things are slowly changing for women in business.

"Yeah, I remember in 2011, watching Captain America and asking my friend why all of these leading heroes are men," Lana recalled. "He said that no one was interested in a woman being a leading character, and that women couldn't sell a movie. I got so mad (laughs), but thankfully these things are slowly changing. It was really cool to see Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman both do so well at the box office when people said that would never happen. And I think that it started with characters like Princess Leia. She was not to be messed with, and I think she was one of the first. Now, more women are saying, 'We can do this,' and when we are given opportunities, we kick it out of the park. No matter if you are a girl, a boy or whatever race or sexual orientation, we all deserve opportunities. I am a big human rights activist."

Lana talked more about that inclusivity and how it's important for younger people to see, especially on social media.

"WWE reaches over a billion people on social media, and it's crazy to think that so many people follow me and that I can influence others," she said. "I believe in working hard and also playing hard, and I like to show that on social media. I try to keep it real. I really love fashion and beauty, and I like to show that a lot on Instagram. So often, people paint this picture of perfection with all the apps and the edits, and that's great; let's make a flawless picture, but let's also show reality as well. I love to dress up, put on makeup, and put different wigs on, but, in life, sometimes your wig might fly off, and I'm not afraid to show that. I think it is funny. Let's show that we don't always have perfect skin or maybe the wig is ungluing, and let's laugh. Growing up, my brothers would always tell me, you're only funny to laugh at. But now I have realized that if I am making people laugh and I'm laughing too, that's all that matters."

Lana and husband Rusev first appeared on WWE's Total Divas series in 2016 for the sixth season. She was asked if it was difficult to step out from behind the Lana character to present as herself on the show.

"In Total Divas, you have to be yourself and be willing to show your flaws and imperfections, and that can be challenging because the world is gonna judge you," Lana said. "In SmackDown Live, I was Lana, the Ravishing Russian. I spoke in an accent, and I was a villain—well, I still am a villain (laughs)—so if I wasn't liked, it meant that I was doing a good job. However, when people don't like you and judge you for who you are, that is a little more challenging, and it can be hurtful. But you have to be prepared; that's the job—that's what you are signing up for."

Lana also mentioned wanting to have children one day. She was asked if she ever has "pinch yourself" moments where she realizes how much she's achieved.

"Gosh, I have so many but, recently at WrestleMania, it really caught me," she said. "I'm so grateful, because I get to go out there and compete and I also get to manage my husband as well. People dream of being in WrestleMania, but only a select few are given this opportunity to be WWE Superstars and perform in front of thousands of people. And here I am doing two performances as part of two acts in two competitions. I would definitely say that it's a privilege and an honor to be able to do what I do. It's really cool, and it reflects on who I am. It's like yeah, you can be a wife and you can also have a career; you can be a wife and have a business. One day I'll have children, and I'm still gonna be kicking ass and running my own business and maybe winning WWE championships—maybe winning Oscars. Who's to say? The sky is the limit!"

Lana recently landed the cover of CH2 which you can see below:



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